I have a few works in progress I hope to have finished between now and the end of the year. Always hoping for the soonest date of course!

The third in my series is called A Storm in My Heart. Overlaps a bit with Thomi’s story. You can read the first chapter here. Just choose it from the drop down menu under the WIPS page.

Progress has been slow on this one. I keep coming up with different ways it could go. Time to do a little brainstorming and another outline draft. Outlines are not written in stone. Mine aren’t even always on screen or paper.

Another project is the action/thriller I’m doing with another writer. I don’t know how these authors find me, but it’s fun to work with a co-author from time to time. If he doesn’t mind, I’ll post the first chapter of that story as well.

I’m also going to add a section to Meet the Characters for my romances. Thomi’s family is large. I don’t want you to become too confused trying to keep them all straight!

Hope you’re all enjoying the great weather–I hope you’re all having great weather! It’s finally nice enough to walk the dogs and ride bikes. I’ve been ill all week, so I’m not able to get right out there like I’d planned to. Here’s hoping for a walk tomorrow!

I’m back and ready to get crackin’!

Forgive me for having been away from here for so long. Had a few health issues and other life factors to contend with, and I’m afraid it horribly interfered with my writing life. Things are a little more settled now, so I am resuming work on my websites and my stories.

I’ve changed my site over to a new theme called Weaver II Pro. Loving it! If you happen onto the site and it’s a bit bare, bear with me–I’m uploading content as fast as I can!

After I finish customizing the place, I’ll post a little of what’s been going on in my little life. Have to say, it feels good to be back in this saddle again!