New Covers For The Books And Other News . . .

I’ve worked up new covers for both books, and was ready to republish them when I became aware of some embarrassing mistakes and typos in both. I can’t let them slide a second time, so I’m now involved in a line by line edit of them.

Struggled with the question of giving in to the temptation of rewriting parts of them, and decided that I hadn’t sold enough copies of either one for it to make a difference if I did that. Joleigh’s story is much better for it. I’ll be done with it by the weekend, I think.

Thomi’s story is 33 chapters and over 400 pages long. Be a while editing that one. But I have to say, it’s felt good to reread the stories and be with those beloved characters again. I’ve actually been away from my craft for too long, and doing this has helped me to get my passion back. I’ve some ideas for some scenes in stories for Rikki and Halleigh. Can’t decide if I’ll give each their own book or if their romances will unfold at the same time in the same book. I’m sure when I get to it, they will tell me what they want me to do!

I’ll be putting up the free sample chapters with the new covers and edits as soon as I have them done. Thanks to my WordPerfect Ebook Publisher plugin, I will have .mobi editions to offer here as well. At least for the free copies. I guess I’ll just direct readers to Amazon for the actual Kindle book. Especially since I am thinking of putting the books in their book programs that require authors to sell exclusively from Amazon. Can’t decide how I feel about that, but I guess I can give it a three month try to see if it’s worth it. If it isn’t, I’ll offer all formats here.

I’ve done this before, but this time, I will use the five free days to promote the books. I don’t know why offering them for free will help sales, but . . . they say it works, so we’ll see. I’m still skeptical.





Sometimes Life doesn’t co-operate . . .

Right after I say I’m ready to take up the “pen” again, I crash down the stairs at my son’s place, and break a small bone in my knee and tear up the ankle. (Despite the intense pain, I hobbled, or really, hoppled into the car to one of our favorite ice cream places to film my granddaughter’s enjoyment of her first cone. Strawberry.  I had peach . . . oho, yummm! Then I went off to the ER.)

So next, my PC crashed. Video card, hard drives and keyboard all fried. First the card. Get that replaced, and the hard drives kicked the bucket. So, of course, as soon as I finally had those installed, the keyboard turned belly up. Auuugggghhhhh! Usually I have some spare keyboard somewhere to use for the time being. Thing is, I have no idea where the little usb thingies for them are. I gave my last wired keyboard away a long time ago. Shouldn’t’ve done that!

Needless to say, my good intentions got derailed. Some people are able to set up shop on whatever surface is available and go on. Maybe even do better than ever. I wish my brain would let me do that. But–alas . . . it does not. I need my space at my PC. I think better in front of the screen now that I’ve gotten so used to it. I’m a basket case without that. Hahaha!

Pain pretty much made the first few weeks, ohh, tons of fun! Not! We live in a very tiny space, so there’s not too many spots to comfortably park a leg somewhere. But that’s all I’ll say about all that.

Happily I’ve healed, and finally I had the means to upgrade my PC. It needs a little more TLC, but for now, it’s good to go.

With Windows 8.1 Pro. My thoughts were, Whoa! This is DIFFERENT!  (And that all rhymes . . . mostly. Heh! Unintentionally!) Anyway, I’m slogging through it. It hasn’t gotten me all down on it, but it is a learning curve for sure. If the planned new version scores higher with users, I’ll likely switch. But for now, it’s okay.

Along with getting my writing projects going again, my summer plans had been to walk off some weight with my pups–who also need to slim down a bit, bike ride some more of that weight off, go tubing, zip-lining, maybe find a horse to ride for a few hours, and get our little place a great makeover.

Well, I did get to zip-line and find a horse to ride for a few hours. Wish I had pics of both those events, but I don’t. I know. Missed opportunities. I was so sore from not having ridden in years, that it was all I could do to walk once I slipped down off my three story tall Quarter horse, Tigger. Not really my horse, of course. I would own something more my size, I’m sure. Did both those things on our Sisters Bucket List Get Together in mid September. No water activities. The weather didn’t quite want to co-operate. Our usual mini golf excursion had a surprise ending. While it seemed as if my youngest sister, Cyndy, would be the grand winner–as usual–I tied with her. Made my day, I can tell you! On the hand, our middle sister did a lot of whining and crying! Yes, she hasn’t won a game yet since we started these get togethers in 1997. Apparently, I’ve won once–can’t remember when, but Laura assures me that I did– but Cyndy has trounced us soundly most every year.

I don’t care. It’s simply for the fun of it for me. We have a lot of laughs together. Maybe Laura will get her wish next year.

The place is still in need of renovations, although a couple minor things have been done. I’d like to create a more private space for writing, and put the eating space back in the kitchen. Not sure how that’s going to work out.

In any case, I’m renewing my determination to get some writing done!




I have a few works in progress I hope to have finished between now and the end of the year. Always hoping for the soonest date of course!

The third in my series is called A Storm in My Heart. Overlaps a bit with Thomi’s story. You can read the first chapter here. Just choose it from the drop down menu under the WIPS page.

Progress has been slow on this one. I keep coming up with different ways it could go. Time to do a little brainstorming and another outline draft. Outlines are not written in stone. Mine aren’t even always on screen or paper.

Another project is the action/thriller I’m doing with another writer. I don’t know how these authors find me, but it’s fun to work with a co-author from time to time. If he doesn’t mind, I’ll post the first chapter of that story as well.

I’m also going to add a section to Meet the Characters for my romances. Thomi’s family is large. I don’t want you to become too confused trying to keep them all straight!

Hope you’re all enjoying the great weather–I hope you’re all having great weather! It’s finally nice enough to walk the dogs and ride bikes. I’ve been ill all week, so I’m not able to get right out there like I’d planned to. Here’s hoping for a walk tomorrow!

I’m back and ready to get crackin’!

Forgive me for having been away from here for so long. Had a few health issues and other life factors to contend with, and I’m afraid it horribly interfered with my writing life. Things are a little more settled now, so I am resuming work on my websites and my stories.

I’ve changed my site over to a new theme called Weaver II Pro. Loving it! If you happen onto the site and it’s a bit bare, bear with me–I’m uploading content as fast as I can!

After I finish customizing the place, I’ll post a little of what’s been going on in my little life. Have to say, it feels good to be back in this saddle again!