So . . . Yeah . . . I Write Poems . . . Sometimes . . .

Not often. Haven’t written a poem since, well, 2001 maybe, or 02. Oh, no, wait! Wrote one this year . . . for Thomasyna. Rather an amusing verse, not probably a perfect rhyme, but hey–she threw it together in a few minutes. Being in a hurry, you understand. Maybe I’ll post it here as well, but it’s in one of the last four chapters of the book.

Wrote my first good one back in the ’70s, and it’s the one that gets a lot of attention on the two sites I have it posted. I don’t actually frequent these two writer’s site, although I pay for one of them. Just wasn’t feeling I was going anywhere with them. I’ve since returned to them, having decided to try to make a go of them.

Thing is, joining any sort of social site is a little agonizing and overwhelming to me. I have social anxieties;  online rooms are just the same to me as a real room packed with people. Doesn’t matter if I know each and every person there or it’s full of strangers. The feelings are just the same no matter what. After a while, I want to run. Or, I’m frozen in the seat I’ve dropped down in, and likely won’t move out of it until my courage totally fails, or everyone else has left the building.

Makes life a little tough. Especially when, as an author, I’m supposed to be networking and getting my name out there by whatever means will work. And since these two sites have generated the most feedback for me on my poems and short stories, you’d think I’d’ve stuck with it. Maybe built a bigger reader base.

Same thing for my author websites and even the personal ones. I sit here staring at the screen, willing my fingers to work, and often they run scared. Brain shuts down . . . ideas freeze . . . and the sites are neglected. Visitors quit coming, cobwebs shroud what’s already there . . .

Big sad mess.

Anyway, I’ve decided to bring those poems out into the open and post the reviews of them here. Tell the story behind each one. I’ve found it amusing to discover the different views each reviewer takes on them. Read the poems and their corresponding reviews and see if you agree or have a different opinion!

Getting Back Into The Muse . . .

I hope everyone is doing well on this sunny winter day. A little warmer than it has been here.

I had expected to be posting more regularly, but life tosses us more than lemons sometimes. So now I’m trying to get back into the swing of things. Nothing seems to help me more than either a great new idea for a new story, or else one for the one I’m working on–OR a new theme for my site that I absolutely love!

Nothing holds me back more than having to give up my spacious workspace and cram into a tiny sardine can! But I will conquer it . . . eventually. A mother does whatever for her kids . . .

In any case, I’m loving this new theme by MH Magazines. So hard to find an author/writer/publisher theme that works and doesn’t cost the life of my firstborn. Working with the lite version right now, but I expect to go for the paid version in the near future. All I have to do now, is figure out how I use those image boxes to the left of posts.

I’ve noted that sales of my work comes mainly from Europe and Asia. I may offer a sale on them for a couple of weeks. See if things pick up here in the home country. Really, though, it doesn’t matter where sales come from!

Getting some more feedback on Thomasyna. All good! I’ll post it later with the reviews on site. Hoping they will go onto to whatever site they got the story from and post there as well, but I do enjoy getting emails too!

I’m in a little bit of a rut with Stormi’s story, plus trying to decide how many books I want to do for this series. Do I want to do each character’s alone or do I want to chose one to be the main focus of the story, with others as subplots. I have ideas for four or five more . . . so we’ll see. I am hoping to pick up momentum on finishing Stormi by the end of next year. I’ve a couple other projects going as well, some short stories in other genre. Trying to get out more so I can build a bigger readership. Not easy when one is an unknown indie author.

But that would be the case were I traditionally published. Been there, done that, actually. And was screwed royally by the publisher. Facts are, an author has to bring readers in on his/her own power, and get word out about their books on their own budget and time. All the promises of book signings, bookstores getting the books on display, and ads going out never happened.  Royalties didn’t cover the expenses, so I made the decision right then to never go that route again. So, I formed my own publishing entity as was recommended, and I haven’t looked back.

All the hardships of getting published and noticed could make a writer quit–if money was the only reason for writing. For me, it’s also the joy of creating the world and characters; writing something fun, or serious and worthwhile, or simple and silly. Really, I guess it’s mostly for the joy of it.

So, dear readers, I’m going to sign off for now and get to it! See you next time! Enjoy your visit here. Download the free chapters of the books while you’re here!

Update on freebie tally

Just a line to mention that Ride ‘Em Tough and Thanks to Eustace are doing fairly well as freebies at iBooks, Barnes and Noble, Nook and Kobo. Ride ‘Em Tough is doing a bit better than Eustace, and I suspect the cover may have something to do with it. I am considering creating a new cover as soon as I find a better image for it.

Over at Amazon, each book as been bought once. It’s priced at .99 there as you can only offer your book for free through the Kindle Select program and requires you to offer the book exclusively through Amazon. Not doing that, folks. My stuff is now offered in fifteen online stores in Europe. And downloads and sales are coming from that area. Why should I give that up?

Yup . . . got work at my promo and marketing skills. They’re just above nil right now . . .

New things coming!

Hello Readers!

I’ve been meaning to post more often, but Life likes to take a hand in diverting my good intentions. I’m finding that with my hubby retired and my sons off on their own pursuits, I actually have less time at my laptop. Can’t send anyone out to run errands for me. Hubby devotes his time out in his workshop, creating works of art in wood. He specializes in end grain cutting and chopping boards. Which some people have bought just to decorate their kitchens with. Too pretty to use, they say!

In any case, all the running around has generally fallen to me. You’d think I could maybe get a word written later on, but my oldest son is working on a couple of fantasy novels and wants my opinion and advice. Not to mention the call to catch up on the seasons of NCIS slow things up. Well, I also love to head over to YouTube for some hilarity with Carol Burnett and friends.

In trying to get myself back into a better working schedule–writing schedule–although a schedule for all I do would be a laudable goal as well, I’m revamping my list of things to do. First, I have to do something to organize my tiny office space. I know, I should be grateful I even have a space. Really, this ought to be a bedroom for someone, but my boys seem to be able to sleep anywhere, and prefer the living room floor–so . . . Plus they know, as the only female in the house, besides the dog, I need a space to myself. Maybe someday we’ll add on to this little shoe box to we all have a bit of privacy when we need it.

Someday, when the world has discovered that the novels of Neenah Davis-Wilson are worth spending time with and buy everything I write as soon as it’s out. Or, as soon as they realize the novels are already out . . . You know . . . been out for years, and however did they miss them!

I have everything crammed into this little space, including all the stuff I’ve got for sale on eBay or plan to sell on eBay. I’d rather be writing, but usually am running the roads for whatever errand, so posting stuff to eBay is a slow boat to China as well.

Posting to blogs is pretty much last.

Got a lot of changes to make to get it all running smoothly.

One of the things I’m decided I’m going to add here is a gallery of pictures from our vacations in Rhode Island where my stories take place. Don’t know why I didn’t think of that sooner. I’ll be going again in a couple of weeks, so will have new stuff to post. I may have lost all my pictures from the last time we went, so I’m hoping to get some more sunset photos to replace the ones lost.

I figure you can get an idea of what some of the places are like and make the story feel even more real. Of course, the island that Thomi, Joleigh-Anna and others live on isn’t real, although there are plenty of islands out by there where people do reside for the summer, if not year around.

The suggestion that I write some back story or side story for the books has been suggested to me. Since I’m working on three writing projects at once already, adding a new one will likely not happen for a while. But, I’ll keep it in mind for a future time.

I have some other thoughts, but I’ll stop here for now. Have to eat and run roads again . . .!

Have a great weekend and such until we meet again!




Free Short Story Added!

Just added Thanks to Eustace to my downloadables. It’s a free short story I did for one of my lessons back in the day. Got high marks for it then, and I’ve rewritten it to expand it. It’s also being offered free on a bunch of online stores, or will be once it’s uploaded to them all. That will probably happen sometime next week.

In the meantime, I’ve posted it to Amazon through KDP. There I had to charge .99 for it as Amazon doesn’t let you do free unless you enroll in their Kindle Select program. And I have no desire to be exclusive to that. I want to offer my stuff in as many places as I can find to do it. Once the other books show up in the other stores, I’ll try to get Amazon to offer it free there as well.

Just a reminder that I have re-edited and rewritten my novels. The stories are much improved. Please do check them out.


Some rambling thoughts on projects, ideas and . . .

Sometimes I wish I were twins or triplets so that I could work on more than one book at a time.  I have more ideas than I’ll ever be able to write in my lifetime. Of course, if I could write them in a day or a week, I might be able to do it.

But–I don’t write little books. And I don’t follow a simple plot. I have to have a cast of a dozen or more. I can’t plan a story around a cast of two or three. Maybe a half dozen, but that’s stretching it. I need to people my stories with people–lots of ’em.

Which is why I finally chose to self publish my books. I didn’t want to be tied down to someone else’s formula for how stories should be written for a particular genre. I want to write what I want to write. How I want to write it.

Now,  having said that, I have written stories from prompts given to me by the instructors of courses I’ve taken or from those at workshops I’ve attended. I whined about some of them for a few days before starting them. At workshops, I obsessed for a few minutes since I hadn’t time to obsess longer than that there. But with one of my writing courses, I procrastinated for a month or more before giving in and doing the assignment. I have it posted at AuthorsDen and I’m going to update it and offer it for free at other online sites. It turned out better than I expected and my instructor was impressed. Always gratifying!

I guess the thing is to just free the mind up and let it think it wants to write this story as much as it would one that just comes to me on its own. Pretend I thought of it.

Ideas are everywhere. I guess I feel I don’t need to be overwhelmed with more from another source. I am probably wrong. Maybe a better idea is in that other source. I ought to be more open minded. I’ll work on it.

This is rather a rambling post, but then it is 1 am. I’m going to end this here and take it up again later.

Good night all! Sweet dreams!

My books are now available . . .

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All For The Love Of Thomi

The Resurrection Of Joleigh-Anna Kelmann


All For The Love Of Thomi

The Resurrection Of Joleigh-Anna Kelmann


All For The Love Of Thomi

The Resurrection Of Joleigh-Anna Kelmann


All For The Love Of Thomi

The Resurrection Of Joleigh-Anna Kelmann


All For The Love Of Thomi

The Resurrection Of Joleigh-Anna Kelmann


All For The Love Of Thomi

The Resurrection Of Joleigh-Anna Kelmann

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Books by Neenah Davis-Wilson

Books by Neenah Davis-Wilson

Books by Neenah Davis-Wilson

Books by Neenah Davis-Wilson – Swiss Francs

Books by Neenah Davis-Wilson

All For The Love Of Thomi

The Resurrection Of Joleigh-Anna Kelmann

Dalton’s Last Stand

Books by Neenah Davis-Wilson

Books by Neenah Davis-Wilson

Books by Neenah Davis-Wilson

Books by Neenah Davis-Wilson

All For The Love Of Thomi

The Resurrection Of Joleigh-Anna Kelmann – Swiss Francs

Books by Neenah Davis-Wilson – Dutch translations only

All For The Love Of Thomi

The Resurrection Of Joleigh-Anna Kelmann


Getting Published . . .

Back when I was was a young writer, I dreamed of being a published author. Didn’t realize that I already was.

My first “published” work was a red construction paper covered anthology of all I’d written in the fifth grade–which I proudly presented to my teacher, Mrs. Miller.

When I was fourteen, I tried to get my western Captive Tomboy published. An aunt gave me the name and address of a publisher that turned out to be a vanity publisher. For $1776 they would happily do so.

I was crushed. Just devastated!

Really, the piece wasn’t ready for publication anyway. Needed edits and to be typed up. But that outfit didn’t seem to care. They’d’ve worked from my handwritten copy. Now the cost of vanity publishing is much, much higher.

Self-publishing is different. But there are costs. Depending on the route you go, it can be done on a shoestring or it can cost thousands. I’m doing it on that shoestring. But I digress . . .

The next published piece showed up in True Experience. Gotta laugh about that–doubt many of those stories were actually true. Mine sure wasn’t! I netted $125 for the story about a young (19) woman, minding her own business in a store, is pointed out by a lost child as her mother. Had fun with that one. Some improbable things occur which the editor

Some improbable things occurred in the tale which the editor requested to be changed–wasn’t a command, just a suggestion. I might have been offered more for the story had I wanted to edit it. But I decided that I liked it and told them to publish as is. Today, I would probably do the edits.

Had an article I’d submitted to Horse, Of Course accepted. But by the time it was supposed to come out, the magazine folded. Was supposed to get $150.

Vermont Ink published a short story I’d done for a lesson in short fiction for NRI–not to be confused with NRA . . . I’m thinking of revamping that story into a novel. For the short version, I got $25.

Then in 2011, I worked with another author to put out a novel about a woman who worked for the government on secret formulas for biochemical warfare. I’d never done a novel like this before and likely never would have on my own. The story was my partner’s and I wrote it from the notes and outline he had for it. It came out right around the time of 9-11 . . . and I had a stroke of conscience for writing it. Wasn’t a thing like what happened then, but–I found I couldn’t promote it. Didn’t know how to in the first place, but–I’d lost the will at that point.

The only money I made from that was from any copies I sold myself. We got one royalty check that I know of. $250. Which went to my partner because he footed all the expense of the so-called edits and whatnot. I kicked in a bit, but he was able to afford it while I wasn’t. The edits were unreal. So badly done, that I couldn’t believe the publisher thought them better than what I’d written in the first place!

The next novel was written for my youngest son’s fifth-grade class. Another teacher who was inspiring his students to write! How could I not agree to come read my stuff to them and help encourage them? Or refuse their request that I write a story with all of them in it?

Mr. Smith thought they were asking for a short story, but I knew better. Took me all year to write that novel. A time travel in which I did managed to mention each and every kid in that classroom and their teacher too. I never got to read it to them since it did take that long to write. So I bought a boatload of paper and some more ink, and I printed out twenty-six copies of the story and passed them around to the kids a day or so before classes ended that summer. Somewhere I still have all the letters the kids wrote me. There might have been one from Mr. Smith himself–Yes, I think there was. I’ll have to hunt those up.

Those copies had no covers of any kind. I have seen some of the kids since, all grown up now. Some with kids of their own. They still remember me and the story. Some still have the story. They all want me to publish it for real and keep their names in it. Warms a writer’s heart to hear all this!

That takes me to the present. Where I’ve dropped the idea of becoming traditionally published. My experience with being “traditionally” published soured me on that idea. Of course, the publisher my partner elected to go with was a small press publisher who was in it for the money he made selling edits and extras of the sort. Not saying we didn’t need those, but they weren’t professionally done. For the price my partner paid–several thousand dollars–a high school English major would’ve done far better!

I stopped poo-pooing ebooks and self-publishing and stopped sending my work out to agents and publishers. Started learning more about it and the business end of the business and in 2010, I hopped aboard the Kindle platform. That was the easy part.

The harder part for me to wrap my head around is the promotion and the marketing. I don’t toot my own horn very loudly. I’m told I should. So, I’m going to learn to set my humbleness aside for this and blow it vigorously.

Maybe . . .

All right, I’ll try!

This month I’ve widened out from Amazon and signed up with a site that works with other online retailers, including iBooks, Nook, Barnes and Noble, and others.

I also learned that it’s not a vanity to form your own publishing company to publish your books from. It’s a part of doing business in the book world. Some people diss others for doing it, saying it’s not necessary and it’s pure vanity–but I know of a good many authors who’ve gone this route and are doing well. I’ve stopped letting the naysayers mess up my head, and I proudly attached my own ISBNs to my novels this month. I do wish those all important numbers weren’t so stinking expensive–but it’s another part of doing business in this business, so I’ll suck it up and get another block of ’em.

Now I have to learn the promotion part of this business. I have mentors, so hopefully they can impart their wisdom to me in a way I can wrap my sometimes empty head around it. Time will tell. I just pray it won’t be too much time!

In the meantime, this site will likely undergo a few changes as I search for my brand; my special look. What will help make me a published author making a living off the work she loves!



New host . . . new site . . .

So I decided to move all my sites to a new host. And that’s how I learned my old account had been hacked. I had to purge everything and start over. Couldn’t save anything as I couldn’t access the sites.

Some things I have on the laptop, so it shouldn’t be too horrible an experience. I hope. So if you’ve stumbled upon the place and see it’s a bit empty, there’s the reason. Please don’t let it put you off. Bookmark me and come back!!! Don’t make me beg now!

Okay, I’m on my knees here! COME BACK!!! 🙂


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