Poetry Reviews – My Boys

AuthorsDen Reviews

 ➡ Wonderful descriptions bring each one to life. Enjoyed. —Lori M.

 ➡ Great poem! Boys will be boys… —David Rumer

➡ Loved the poem. Could not identify with your problem however. You see I have two daughters only. Want a swap!!!!?—Miller

I wrote him back to say I don’t swap. I would, however, take the girls in addition to my boys . . . 🙂

➡ Sounds like you’ve had your hands full raising healthy, normal kids.—Regis S.

Writing.com Reviews

 ➡ Laughs I have two boys and everyone keeps telling me just wait until they get older!
Great poem.
Thanks for sharing.—Anonymous Reader

 ➡ This is a fantastic little piece that describes your children with love and a little bit of comedic care. It’s cute, reads well, with fantastic meter. I enjoyed this because it reminded me of my brother when he was younger. The video games, the groceries, etc. Thanks for this look in to your life! —Anood



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