Short Story Reviews – Ride ‘Em Tough

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 ➡ First story I have read here that is actually a real story. I’ll look for more, Anita –Sage

 ➡ This would make a great short story for “tweens” age group. –Cynth’ya

 ➡ well done –MJ Hollingshead

 ➡ Love it! I used to own a horse and I love these kinds of stories, even though I’m a ‘big kid’ now –Chrissy Reviews

 ➡ I love this peice! You captured the excitement, the nerves, the danger of bronco riding perfectly! It grabbed my attention and refused to let if go until the very end. I was hanging onto every word and itching for the next to see what happened! WELL DONE!!!!

I saw 2 things.

You had rated this an E, but hell is considered a bad word to some.

“Hell, if he ain’t the stamp and that bronc’s a love letter . . . !”

You forgot a bracket.

off, landing on his feet, a little dazed but elated.
indent}”Now he’s got the hang of it, he don’t wanna get off! Brilliant ride, Eli! You’re the man! See if the judges feel the same

Just those 2 little things are the only things I noticed. Keep up the great work!


I have since fixed the missing closing quotes . . . brackets are completely different item.

About the use of Hell. Say it in churches, don’t they?  Ah, well . . . I suppose I get her point . . .