Free Short Story Added!

Just added Thanks to Eustace to my downloadables. It’s a free short story I did for one of my lessons back in the day. Got high marks for it then, and I’ve rewritten it to expand it. It’s also being offered free on a bunch of online stores, or will be once it’s uploaded to them all. That will probably happen sometime next week.

In the meantime, I’ve posted it to Amazon through KDP. There I had to charge .99 for it as Amazon doesn’t let you do free unless you enroll in their Kindle Select program. And I have no desire to be exclusive to that. I want to offer my stuff in as many places as I can find to do it. Once the other books show up in the other stores, I’ll try to get Amazon to offer it free there as well.

Just a reminder that I have re-edited and rewritten my novels. The stories are much improved. Please do check them out.


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