Update on freebie tally

Just a line to mention that Ride ‘Em Tough and Thanks to Eustace are doing fairly well as freebies at iBooks, Barnes and Noble, Nook and Kobo. Ride ‘Em Tough is doing a bit better than Eustace, and I suspect the cover may have something to do with it. I am considering creating a new cover as soon as I find a better image for it.

Over at Amazon, each book as been bought once. It’s priced at .99 there as you can only offer your book for free through the Kindle Select program and requires you to offer the book exclusively through Amazon. Not doing that, folks. My stuff is now offered in fifteen online stores in Europe. And downloads and sales are coming from that area. Why should I give that up?

Yup . . . got work at my promo and marketing skills. They’re just above nil right now . . .

New things coming!

Hello Readers!

I’ve been meaning to post more often, but Life likes to take a hand in diverting my good intentions. I’m finding that with my hubby retired and my sons off on their own pursuits, I actually have less time at my laptop. Can’t send anyone out to run errands for me. Hubby devotes his time out in his workshop, creating works of art in wood. He specializes in end grain cutting and chopping boards. Which some people have bought just to decorate their kitchens with. Too pretty to use, they say!

In any case, all the running around has generally fallen to me. You’d think I could maybe get a word written later on, but my oldest son is working on a couple of fantasy novels and wants my opinion and advice. Not to mention the call to catch up on the seasons of NCIS slow things up. Well, I also love to head over to YouTube for some hilarity with Carol Burnett and friends.

In trying to get myself back into a better working schedule–writing schedule–although a schedule for all I do would be a laudable goal as well, I’m revamping my list of things to do. First, I have to do something to organize my tiny office space. I know, I should be grateful I even have a space. Really, this ought to be a bedroom for someone, but my boys seem to be able to sleep anywhere, and prefer the living room floor–so . . . Plus they know, as the only female in the house, besides the dog, I need a space to myself. Maybe someday we’ll add on to this little shoe box to we all have a bit of privacy when we need it.

Someday, when the world has discovered that the novels of Neenah Davis-Wilson are worth spending time with and buy everything I write as soon as it’s out. Or, as soon as they realize the novels are already out . . . You know . . . been out for years, and however did they miss them!

I have everything crammed into this little space, including all the stuff I’ve got for sale on eBay or plan to sell on eBay. I’d rather be writing, but usually am running the roads for whatever errand, so posting stuff to eBay is a slow boat to China as well.

Posting to blogs is pretty much last.

Got a lot of changes to make to get it all running smoothly.

One of the things I’m decided I’m going to add here is a gallery of pictures from our vacations in Rhode Island where my stories take place. Don’t know why I didn’t think of that sooner. I’ll be going again in a couple of weeks, so will have new stuff to post. I may have lost all my pictures from the last time we went, so I’m hoping to get some more sunset photos to replace the ones lost.

I figure you can get an idea of what some of the places are like and make the story feel even more real. Of course, the island that Thomi, Joleigh-Anna and others live on isn’t real, although there are plenty of islands out by there where people do reside for the summer, if not year around.

The suggestion that I write some back story or side story for the books has been suggested to me. Since I’m working on three writing projects at once already, adding a new one will likely not happen for a while. But, I’ll keep it in mind for a future time.

I have some other thoughts, but I’ll stop here for now. Have to eat and run roads again . . .!

Have a great weekend and such until we meet again!