Update on freebie tally

Just a line to mention that Ride ‘Em Tough and Thanks to Eustace are doing fairly well as freebies at iBooks, Barnes and Noble, Nook and Kobo. Ride ‘Em Tough is doing a bit better than Eustace, and I suspect the cover may have something to do with it. I am considering creating a new cover as soon as I find a better image for it.

Over at Amazon, each book as been bought once. It’s priced at .99 there as you can only offer your book for free through the Kindle Select program and requires you to offer the book exclusively through Amazon. Not doing that, folks. My stuff is now offered in fifteen online stores in Europe. And downloads and sales are coming from that area. Why should I give that up?

Yup . . . got work at my promo and marketing skills. They’re just above nil right now . . .

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