Getting Back Into The Muse . . .

I hope everyone is doing well on this sunny winter day. A little warmer than it has been here.

I had expected to be posting more regularly, but life tosses us more than lemons sometimes. So now I’m trying to get back into the swing of things. Nothing seems to help me more than either a great new idea for a new story, or else one for the one I’m working on–OR a new theme for my site that I absolutely love!

Nothing holds me back more than having to give up my spacious workspace and cram into a tiny sardine can! But I will conquer it . . . eventually. A mother does whatever for her kids . . .

In any case, I’m loving this new theme by MH Magazines. So hard to find an author/writer/publisher theme that works and doesn’t cost the life of my firstborn. Working with the lite version right now, but I expect to go for the paid version in the near future. All I have to do now, is figure out how I use those image boxes to the left of posts.

I’ve noted that sales of my work comes mainly from Europe and Asia. I may offer a sale on them for a couple of weeks. See if things pick up here in the home country. Really, though, it doesn’t matter where sales come from!

Getting some more feedback on Thomasyna. All good! I’ll post it later with the reviews on site. Hoping they will go onto to whatever site they got the story from and post there as well, but I do enjoy getting emails too!

I’m in a little bit of a rut with Stormi’s story, plus trying to decide how many books I want to do for this series. Do I want to do each character’s alone or do I want to chose one to be the main focus of the story, with others as subplots. I have ideas for four or five more . . . so we’ll see. I am hoping to pick up momentum on finishing Stormi by the end of next year. I’ve a couple other projects going as well, some short stories in other genre. Trying to get out more so I can build a bigger readership. Not easy when one is an unknown indie author.

But that would be the case were I traditionally published. Been there, done that, actually. And was screwed royally by the publisher. Facts are, an author has to bring readers in on his/her own power, and get word out about their books on their own budget and time. All the promises of book signings, bookstores getting the books on display, and ads going out never happened.  Royalties didn’t cover the expenses, so I made the decision right then to never go that route again. So, I formed my own publishing entity as was recommended, and I haven’t looked back.

All the hardships of getting published and noticed could make a writer quit–if money was the only reason for writing. For me, it’s also the joy of creating the world and characters; writing something fun, or serious and worthwhile, or simple and silly. Really, I guess it’s mostly for the joy of it.

So, dear readers, I’m going to sign off for now and get to it! See you next time! Enjoy your visit here. Download the free chapters of the books while you’re here!

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