#1 Time Waster For Writers . . .

Procrastination is the number one time waster for most writers.

It’s why I haven’t finished Stormi’s story–which I should have, ohhhh . . . years ago.

Yep, I confess. I am a confirmed procrastinator.

And the number one cause for procrastination iiiiisssssssssssssss . . . .

The Internet.

writing is 3% talent & 97% not getting distracted by the Internet!

Yup. Doesn’t matter if it’s for research, either. You can get too involved in research, and forget the book you’re doing it for.

Then there’s the old “I’ll just play this game for a few minutes . . . .” routine. Uh-huh. Three-four hours later, you still haven’t started writing anything for the day.

Facebook, the games, and casual surfing will wait until you’ve gotten your writing quota done for the day. Trust me . . . the Internet will still be there when you’re done.

But if you must be distracted, please surf over to my Reading Room and immerse yourself in free chapters of Thomi and Joleigh! Buy the books! Immerse yourself even more into their worlds!

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