New Skills Learned!

I am learning to make videos!

This week, I took a 5 day marketing challenge with Jim Edwards and Jeff Herring.

Wow! What a week! All my excuses for procrastinating in this area are GONE!

They were actually giving us a preview of a new marketing tool and membership site with this challenge. And I will probably sign up for the membership site as soon as I can.  The recent posts here are all challenges we all had to do each day. And I copied all of the prompts in case I wanted to use them after the challenge was over. But when I join the challenge group, I will have them available every day.

I am looking forward to seeing how this will help me sell more books. It has also kickstarted my juices to write posts and make videos that will maybe help and encourage other writers to keep on keeping on with their craft. I feel rejuvenated!

Of course, it helped encourage me when my posts, memes, and video got some likes and comments! Especially when one was from Jeff Herring himself!

I have followed Jim Edwards on and off since I got online in 1993. He’s an internet marketing guru type, and maybe if I’d paid more attention to him way back, I might have been further along in knowing how to promote and market my books and websites. Lynn Terry is another “guruess” I admire and am actually a member of her private forum that teaches us how to wrap our heads around this stuff, whatever it is you’re selling, or trying to get noticed by crowds of people.

For us authors, it’s crucial if we want sales. Can’t become a best selling author without them! Not that I expect that, mind you, but we all have our dreams, don’t we?

Anyway, my video is now up on YouTube and here on this site in the Video Den. Please take a look at it! And I wouldn’t mind at all if you shared it in appropriate places!

Now that I have wrapped my brains around PowerPoint, I shall be preparing book trailers and teasers. Maybe even read a chapter and post it here, there and wherever. I’ll let you know details when I have them more finalized.

I feel like a kid with new toys now! Went and signed up for MS Office online, and I am loving it all at the moment. I do love getting new software!

Love new gadgets too! Got a new Asus ZenPad Z10 tablet on which I have installed the office suite so I can work on my projects where and whenever. I have to upload more photos to OneDrive so I can make the videos. I haven’t made use of OneDrive as much as I probably ought to have had. I’ve uploaded boatloads of stuff to Google Drive however. But with the subscription to MS Office 365, you get 1T of storage. That’s what my laptop has, so I will be backing my laptop up to OneDrive soon!

All right, I should be writing or editing or something!

Have a great day!




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