New Site Coming!

Yes, I have a new site coming., which I’d purchased when I thought I’d lost this one. If you’ve wondered where I’ve been lately, that’s one of the projects I’ve been striving at getting up and running. Always real life stuff to deal with, plus working on writing projects, and graphics for books and headers, memes, etc. If I had a bigger budget, I would so outsource the covers, even though I enjoy designing them myself. Just, I’d rather be writing!

Losing a site is traumatic. All that work gushing down the proverbial drain!

What’s happening to my emails all the time it’s out of play? What am I missing? Probably nothing important, but who knows?

Most of the pages, I  had on my PC, but the posts were gone. Wah! I lost heart for a while. Then bought the new domain, which is still under construction, for this domain came back into public domain finally, and all my stuff was back. Yay!

Yeah, I just couldn’t throw away $80 at the time to buy it back once I realized I’d missed the grace period for renewing it. Was hard at work, at the time, learning to build PowerPoint videos, and I totally missed all the reminders because I neglected to check my email. As this domain wasn’t the only one I had to worry about, I had to make a choice, so I bought back the publishing site, and let this go. So, that’s the sad story of that event. I shall be ever more vigilant in future!

But now, what to do with the new site? Still working that out, but here’s the thought. This site is going to be about the books exclusively, and the site bearing my name will be about me and whatever is going on in my life at the time. Writing life, personal life, muses, and all that sort of stuff. I know I need to add more stuff to both sites, some links to my favorite sites, some guest posts, and maybe a contest or two. My son feels I should be posting more than one chapter of the novels for public reading, so I am considering it. Considering a donation button if I do that, for I’ll be posting at least half of the books. But we’ll see.

I’m hoping to go live with Neenah today, but we’ll see. I need new author pictures but haven’t had the funds in the budget for that. Last professional pictures I had taken were about eighteen years ago. I use those for my other writing endeavors.

That’s the news for now! I’ll announce when the new site is open and have a link to it.

As always, thanks for stopping by!



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