Bye, Bye, Buy the Book Page

Yes, Bye, bye, Buy the Book page . . .

I’ve decided to eliminate the Buy the Book page for a couple of reasons. In the past, I was selling enough copies to justify having such a page. But, I suspect that people nowadays are afraid their sensitive information might be compromised even though the CHEC payment gateway I was using is a secure page and website. Books would’ve been delivered immediately.

So, I’m going to recommend those interested in purchasing a copy of the books to visit Amazon, iBook, Nook, or Barnes & Noble. International readers can also visit Tolino. At some point I’ll either post or make a page with links to all the places you can buy the books.

You can also buy at The site is McAfee secure, and uses the secure CHEC payment and delivery system.  There is a page there with a list of all the places worldwide where my books are offered. That list is here.

When you get to whichever site you want to buy from, just search for the book’s title, or my name. I would be absolutely thrilled if you would also leave a review once you’ve read the story or stories. If even a small percentage of readers would be so kind as to do that, it would be awesome. But so far, only one person has taken the time to do that.

One reason that reviews are so important is, of course to persuade other people to jump into an author’s world. In this case, Mine! But, when an author is trying to promote her/his books, and would love to use say, BookBaby to help to that, any author with less than ten reviews on Amazon or elsewhere, will not be welcome to start a campaign with them.

So . . . on all of my stories, and my recipe book, I need nine more reviews. So, I do beg of you dear readers . . . pleeeeeaaase, please, leave a well thought out, constructive review for us struggling authors!

Hmmm . . . maybe that will be the subject of a future post!

Until next time, keep warm if you’re experiencing winter, as I am, or keep cool if you’re having some nicer summer temperatures!

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