Relaunching the Romances

Yes, I’ve decided it’s time to relaunch the romances. After having my romances up on Amazon for eight years with just a handful of sales, I’ve designed new covers and have done extensive edits with rewrites. I had thought of retitling Thomi, but that would involve a new ISBN, and they are way too precious to waste, especially when I have only three left of my block of ten.

I’m debating sending them to print at some point; maybe I will, maybe I won’t.


Because I can make all the changes and fixes I want and need to to an ebook, and have done so all along. But once it goes to print, it’s pretty much set in stone. More hassles to fixing a flawed print book, so I’m hoping this last pass while be, indeed, the last pass in that case.

I also wanted to be sure that the two stories work well with each other, since Joleigh was originally a stand alone story, until I discovered they could be linked through Stormi. To that end, I changed a scene in Thomi’s story where upon learning at 1 AM, that Matt has been killed in an accident, she and Halleigh hop out of bed and dash right over to Joleigh-Anna’s and stay for hours, instead of merely commiserating over the phone.

Why I never realized before that that is what she would’ve done, no matter how crappy she was feeling herself, I can’t say. But it works so much better, and so when she’s dashing to Joleigh’s aid in Joleigh-Anna’s story, it rings truer.

I’ve never done a book launch, never mind a relaunch. So, I’m doing some research on it. I honestly don’t have the patience to wait to get them up there. I want to just do it! Now!

I’ll also be changing the price, and maybe taking them out of the other online stores for a while – they aren’t doing anything at any of them, anyway – and giving KDP Select another shot. I didn’t use it to the full the first and only time I tried it. Plus, I wasn’t happy I’d have to take them off my site – where they’d been selling at a higher price at the time, and selling more than I was on Amazon. Go figure.

I’ll post a cover reveal in a day or so, as I want to be sure I’m absolutely happy with them. I’ll also be offering a substantial preview of Thomi, since her story is 32 chapters long. Joleigh’s story is only ten chapters, so three chapters is what I offer for free there. I will have them on site here, and in PDF form if you want to download them. I will probably post them before the relaunch, so the new version won’t be up at Amazon yet.

One thing I have to say – each time I go back through the books, I love those stories and people more and more! Stormi’s story is coming, I hope soon. But after revisiting that manuscript, I see it’s in need of considerable rethinking on how I want that story to go. Plus, I have to introduce Rikki and Halleigh’s men in this . . . Should be fun!




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