New Cover Reveal

Here are my new covers for Thomi and Joleigh! I hope people will like the new colors. My family did. Yeah, surprisingly they gave me their opinions. They usually don’t like to. You know, because they might hurt my feelings if they hate it. 🙂

I chose shades of pink as I’m going to brand the series with these colors. I’m working on Stormi’s cover now. Hers seems a little more challenging to work with since I want to use hearts and lightning bolts to illustrate it. I may actually outsource the cover to a place I’ve recently discovered which does decent work for affordable prices. Book trailers too. I’ll tell them what I want, and see what happens. If I like it, I’ll see what they can do for these as well. A great cover is key after all. And it would free up my time for writing and promoting.

I have to admit, though–I do love to design. It’s addicting.

The covers and new book files have been uploaded to all outlets. For now, I’m staying with the wide distribution of the books, but if things don’t change by the time I’m ready to release Storm, I will take another shot at Amazon exclusively for them. The short stories will stay in every outlet.

I’ve updated my Goodreads pages, and will try to be more regular there. Also in AuthorsDen. My sons recommend Reddit, but that place confuses me! Yes, I have a Facebook account and a Twitter as well as others. I need to use them better as well. Another bewildering endeavor for me. What can I offer to others that would be of interest to them? When I figure that out, I’ll get busy with them.

Here are the new covers:

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