Novels Summer Sale!

There’s a Novels Summer Sale going on until the end of September. Possibly, I’ll include October, but for now it’s for the summer.

Thomi and Joleigh are on sale at all online bookstores for – are you ready??? – 99¢! That means Amazon, Barnes and Noble, iBooks, Kobo, Torino, and everywhere else I’ve got them for sale. There may even be some new places since I published them. Definitely, some new library options now.

I haven’t run a sale in a long while and thought it was time to toss one out there. The price will go up in price to $8.99 at the end of the sale period.

I really hope that if you take advantage of this fantastically reduced price, you’ll also take a few minutes to leave a review at whatever outlet you purchased from.  🙂  I’d love to take advantage of some marketing opportunities that require an author to have five, ten, or more reviews, usually on Amazon, before they even consider taking your money for their offers. Very frustrating when it takes about 100+ sales to get one review.

Thomi and Joleigh are now elegible to be given away on Amazon, so maybe I’ll do a giveaway at some point and see how that goes. I can do them for free – except for the cost of buying the book to be given away. So, very affordable right now with the sale going on!

I have a new review for Joleigh-Anna from a reader on AuthorsDen. I’ll post it here later on.

That’s the news for now! Have a great day!

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