Changing Covers and Title Again . . .

Hello Readerly Friends!

I’ve been remiss in keeping up with posts and such here. Trying to rectify that . . . So much to do do, so little time! And I need to be three people or more to do it all.

Plus, Life always has to throw a few wrenches into the works.

After looking over the sales of the books for last year, I’ve decided to retitle Thomasyna from All for the Love of Thomi back to the original title The Courting of Thomasyna Tollefson. Actually the original title didn’t include her last name. I’ve just decided to see if that will make a difference to anything. It just felt right to try it.

So that calls for another cover to be created. I canvassed friends, relatives, and members of forums I belong to, and decided from that feedback to keep the image of the wine and rose but change the background, the fonts and their colors. After I finished with Thomi’s new cover, I decided to do the same for Joleigh-Anna. Instead of trying to tie them together with the background colors, I elected to chose different colored backgrounds, and just keep the same fonts to show that they are belonging to the same series.

So much goes into creating covers. I have no budget for this, but have done my own covers forever. I am embarrassed by the first few of my covers . . . awful! They say it takes about 1000 covers to become good at it. I’m not sure if I’ve done 1000, but I have created a few hundred, I’m sure. So perfection has to be coming closer! Moreover, I’m taking courses in design to help me achieve a better cover. I’ve learned a lot, but some stuff I’d already learned on my own. And that was a nice boon to my confidence!

Here are my new covers:

I am hoping the covers will attract new readers, but only time will tell. Meanwhile, I will get back to finishing the third in the series. You’ll notice that I’ve decided to add the series title to the books.

Thanks for stopping by and please visit again!

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