The Blocking of Thomasyna Tollefson . . .

Every author experiences some sort of woe from Amazon KDP at some point or other. Sometimes it’s not a real big deal, and other times it is. For me it’s The Blocking of Thomasyna Tollefson by Amazon KDP.

Yes, I logged into my KDP account Sunday and discovered The Courting of Thomasyna Tollefson and Ride ‘Em Tough had been blocked. Blocked means not for sale at this time. No editing, no new changes, no nothing.

Did I panic?

Not really. A little. Mostly I was bugged. Their concern was they found free content on the web that matched what I am selling on Amazon. Now, my short stories are available everywhere in the world for free and have been from the start. Only Amazon doesn’t let you do free unless you’re in their KindleSelect program, which I am not going to do as it means I have to be exclusive to them. So, you have to put your stuff for free wherever you want to sell from, wait a while, and then go beg KDP to make them free on Amazon.

With Thomi, I explained the sample chapter thing. It’s not the whole book. I haven’t heard from them about that, because while I thought I was making my point clear, I see that I didn’t make it clear that I was talking about the novel. So, now I have to go do that.

Not sure what they’ll say about my posting almost half of the story here, but I can say that traffic has increased since I have. Now, if that would convert to sales, that would be awesome. And half the story isn’t ALL of the story, so I am hoping I won’t have to take any of it down. If I do have to, I’ll be leaving up the first nine or ten chapters.

I do have half of Joleigh up, but, then, she’s only ten chapters, so I guess they were okay with her free samples. Thomasyna has 33 chapters total. So lots of story left after the first seventeen here.

And I do hope lots of readers will want to find out the rest of the story! 🙂

Why I didn’t panic, is because I don’t deal with only Kindle Direct Publishing. I have my books and stories with Barnes and Nobel, iBooks, Nook, Kobo, and other places, including a few hundred places in Europe and Asia. Which is where many of my free downloads originate. And none of these places are as strict as Amazon is. iBooks doesn’t like it if you mention in your back matter that your books are for sale in those other places, but they don’t require an author to be exclusive to them, nor send their robots out to see if it’s free somewhere.

I think the German Tolino had an issue with an image which was easily fixed.

Just thought I’d mention this in case anyone went to Amazon to order and discovered it’s not there. Of course, the best place to get any book is from DreamWynd Publishing as I would receive 100% of the royalties.

I’ll post when Thomi is back up on Amazon, but till then, be aware than Amazon isn’t the only player I’m dealing with, and you can purchase at so many other places when you’re ready to get the rest of the story!

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