Panic Over!

The panic is over! Thomasyna is back up.

The issue was over Amazon’s bots finding all my free chapters posted here and other places where I’ve uploaded a few sample chapters.

I’ve since cleaned out the junk from that email address, unsubscribing from a bunch of newsletters I was no longer interested in, so that important email gets seen in a timely manner. Had I discovered Amazon’s first message in time, none of this would’ve happened. All it needed, turns out, was for me to simply republish the book.

So, if you’re an author who has published a book to KDP, and at some point you revise that book and republish, you might find yourself in a similar boat. If you do have content up for free – you know, because you’re trying to interest people in your work. Amazon won’t publish your stories for money if you have them, or appear to have them, listed for free elsewhere.

I explained my reasons for the crazy amount of free content I have here for all my books, and they were fine with it. I republished and the book is back up, as are all of them now. So, if you find yourself in that situation, don’t panic. Check your email for their alert and if you’ve caught it within that five day period they allow for you to republish, you’ll be fine!

I’ve gotten them to list my short stories as free, so no longer a .99 item. I’m thrilled to say, people began downloading them right from the first day they went free. I have my novels listed in the back matter of the stories, so I’m hoping whoever downloads them will buy the novels. Leave a review. A review for the short story would be great as well!

I had my work spread wide, which means I had had them in many other places than Amazon. However, I’ve decided, despite what I’m hearing about Kindle Select and Kindle Unlimited, to temporarily take them off the other places, and give these two programs a try. And do it up right. See if I can find readers and get a review or two. I really need nine and more to be able to use the promo services I’d like to us. So far, I’ve got just the one review for each of the books. Don’t think any of the shorts have any on Amazon.

I have more to say on Kindle Select and Kindle Unlimited, but that will be for another post.

Thanks for stopping by! See you soon!

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