The Major of the Minor Characters

Some of these minor characters have interesting secrets . . . not that they’ll all spill their guts today! Some are merely mentioned in the stories but are not met until the next episode—A Storm In My Heart. One or two aren’t mentioned at all because no one was aware of their existence at the time.

Names are subject to change if they haven’t appeared in Thomi or Joleigh’s story.

Kristoffer Keath Lindell—Keath—51, dark brown, curly hair, of medium height and slim build, hazel eyes. Acclaimed director/actor and Thomi’s mentor. Once was engaged to Anetra Tollefson, and has never gotten over her and has never really tried to forget. Makes sure he’s in her life in some manner or other. If he could, he’d steal her away from Nick. So far that hasn’t been possible, so he did the next best thing—enticed Thomi into his world of performing arts. Noted for his plays, he’s also into films and TV.

Simon Jonathan Lindell—35, thick dark wavy hair, brown eyes, muscular build, and at 6′ 1″, taller than his older brother, Keath. Actor/director in his own right, and before Charley, was Thomi’s most serious interest in her history of numerous stormy romances. While 12 or so years older, he has a youthful appearance and is quite ready to whatever pleases her. Would take her back in a heartbeat if she’d only smile at him the way she used to. Unlike Keath, he’ll try to tie a knot and go on with his life.

Dee-Anne Larrainne Van Kirk, 67—Dean’s mom. About 5′, tiny build, blonde, blue eyes; Sweet, but can’t or doesn’t want to see her son’s not the saint she believes him to be. Has deep affection for Stormi and is afraid she’ll be forgotten by her now she’s divorced.

Dean Jacob Van Kirk—Dean—38; 6′, slim build, ash blonde, blue-grey eyes. Only son of Dee-Anne and (deceased) Jacob Joseph Van Kirk. Dean’s the guy your mother warned you about—or should have.

Kosmos Carrol Van Kirk—72, 6’2”, enormously fat; hair of indeterminate color; eyes lighter blue-grey; a womanizer. Is always after Storm and Kourtnay. Has also an eye on Dee-Anne now that she’s a widow. Dean puts up with him as they do some business together, but he can be counted on to protect those three women from him.

Helene Bernadette Stanley—31, short blonde hair, slim, about 5′ 6″, light blue eyes. Pretty, a bit of a flake, and no clue of what she really wants. Geoffrey Tollefson’s hangup.


Krista Paulene Peters—25; honey blonde hair, hazel eyes, about 5’6”; shy, had begun to feel comfort around Matt’s family, although Matt’s personality overwhelmed her at times.

Dante Desmond DiSilva—28; chocolate brown hair, sherry brown eyes, about 6’; not as adventurous as the others, didn’t follow Matt’s lead as often as Lannette expected him to. Has had deep feelings for her for years before she developed any for him.