The Kelmanns, Merriwethers & Woodworths

In this section you’ll find all the people that show up in Joleigh-Anna’s story, and who make appearances in Thomi’s and Stormi’s.

There’s quite a bunch of them here!

Joleigh’s Family

Jorden Anthony Kelmann, 40, and JuliAnna Joelene Merriwether, 38—both have auburn hair and blue eyes. Laid back pair; not much ruffles their feathers. They love their kids, but aren’t actually blind to their faults, although some of their relatives certainly think they are.

Jorden owns an auto repair shop with his older brother Mitchell. They fix anything but have special interest in vintage and race cars. Jorden’s proud of Joleigh’s racing accomplishments. JuliAnna supports her in it, but is always worried the worst might someday happen. She’s a stay at home mom, but has a quilting hobby that helps pay bills. Her sister often helps her.

Joleigh-Anna Jordynn Kelmann—24, redheaded, blue eyes; daring, sometimes acts before she thinks. Loves racing cars especially rally racing and drag. Like Thomi, is quick to help someone in need. Works with kids and with the elderly. Often looks after the girls so David and Marsha can have time together.

Jace-Anthony Julian Kelmann—24; older than Joleigh by fifteen minutes; same coloring, although his hair is a shade or so darker. The quieter of the two, but like Lannette, was always ready to join in the schemes of his sister and cousin Matt. Also works at the rec center teaching swimming and other sports.

Jarrett-Andrew Buckley Kelmann—4, reddish curls, big blue eyes—precocious little twerp, speaks his mind on any subject. Loves his parents and siblings and his favorite relatives fiercely. The rest, he hasn’t any use for and doesn’t mind saying so. Can read very well and dial anyone’s phone number.

Lannette’s Family

Mitchell Martin Kelmann, 41, and Lynore Lannette Merriwether Kelmann, 38. Both have auburn hair and blue eyes. Kept as much of a rein on their son as they felt he needed and didn’t sweat the small stuff. Managed to ignore most of the thoughtless things that relatives say about their method of parenting. Love their kids for who they are—or were—and supported them fully in just about everything. Just as Mitch and Jorden have a strong bond together, so do Lynore and JuliAnna.

Matthew Martin Kelmann—28, coppery hair, blue eyes. The so-called “rebel” of the family was simply a fun loving, adventurous guy.  Impetuous probably understates his disposition, and he could be persuaded to take any dare at all. Not many could turn him if he’s determined, but Irvy has always had the best chance of it. Loves cars and racing. Doesn’t mind keeping the gossipers of the family in news to discuss—not that he’s thinking it at the time. Good hearted, cared deeply for his family and for Joleigh’s. Had just met a girl he’d’ve liked to settle down with in Krista Peters. (Had some little known secrets he needed to share with Storm.)

Lannette Lynore Kelmann—24, red hair, blue eyes. She and Joleigh look enough alike to be mistaken for one another at quick glance. Joleigh is about two weeks older than Lannette. She’s not as impetuous as Matt or Joleigh-Anna, but she’ll join them in any scheme they propose. Has a tendency to give in to nervous giggles and guffaws in tight situations which tip her closest relatives off to the fact some scheme is afoot or that she’s fearful of being blamed for something she hasn’t done, which does happen from time to time.

Jorden and Mitch’s Relatives

 Jorden Mitchell Kelmann, 76; JM, and Kathryn Jayne Buckley Kelmann 74; Kate—parents.

 Buckley John Kelmann, 60; not married, generally known as Buck.

Willa Louise Kelmann Stark, 59—leader of THE CLUB; of a considerably ample size; brown hair, hazel eyes. Married to Ralph Henry Stark, 62.

Tina Louise Stark Colton—daughter; loud, obnoxious, and thinks a lot of herself; plumpish like her mother; married to Frankie Colton who is the total opposite of her.

Wanda Lucille Kelmann Stanley, 59—Willa’s twin, they look nothing alike. She’s the younger of the two by an hour. Also a member of THE CLUB. Stick thin, brown eyes and hair. Married to Aldo Richard Stanley, 63.

Craig Donald Stanley— tall, dark hair and eyes, has no inclination to follow his mother and aunt’s example in poking his nose in other people’s business. Married Audra Lee Sinclair and are the proud parents of 7 year old twin sons, Oscar Willard and Wilbur Oliver, aka Pixie and Dixie.

David James Kelmann and Marsha Rose Parker Kelmann; Joleigh’s favorite relatives outside of her immediate family. Marsha’s of medium height and build with brown-blonde hair and blue eyes. David is about 5’10” with dark hair and hazel eyes. David works as a bartender at an exclusive club in Jamestown. Marsha stays at home with the girls.

Was Joleigh’s concerned mention of Jaimee’s condition that spurred Thomi on to meet Jaimee and her family and offer to help them out. Not only has Thomi championed funding for Jaimee’s medical bills, she’s become their personal friend.

They’re often overwhelmed by her generosity, and while grateful for her help they both, especially David, harbor a fear that perhaps they’ve taken too much advantage of their young benefactress. They don’t get it that she has no such feelings since she wants to do it.

Ceralyn Suzanne Kelmann—10, honey brown hair, blue eyes. Likes to be a lady and do things little girls prefer to do. Helps her mom take care of the little girls.

Jaimee Shaine Kelmann—honey brown hair, blue eyes; very frail due to a heart condition, but not a shy child. At 7, possibly Thomi’s most ardent fan. Best not to mention within her hearing that Thomi may not take part in her benefit play after all.

Molly Michelle Kelmann—6, honey brown hair, dark blue eyes; Jaimee’s younger sister. Can’t understand why Jaimee can’t play with her. But is always ready to help her mom take care of her sick older sister. Takes care of Tavia as well.

Tavia Teaghan 3, blonde, dark blue eyes. A little tomboy in a dress. Wants Jaimee to get up and play too. Loves tree climbing, water pistols and snakes.

JuliAnna’s and Lynore’s Relatives

 Jonathan Kevin Merriwether, 79 and Lylah Grace Maddison Merriwether, 77—parents.

Jeddidiah Jonathan Merriwether—Jedd, 60, Married to Nedra Norene Norton; 55. Sons, Theodore Kevin “Tedd” 32, or as Joleigh and Lannette call him “Turdy” and Frederic Jonathan “Freddy”; 26.

Kevin Claude Merriwether 56, and wife Ruth 53; son Lawron Jonathan now deceased—Lawron was Stormi’s first love.

Todd Michael Merriwether; 54. Married Becky Lou Smithson; 50. Daughter Wendy Sue—divorced; 34; one daughter Dawna Marie; 8

Dorene Maddison Merriwether, 48—unmarried; also a member of The Club. Rather a selfish sort.


The Woodworths and the Wrays

Dr. Irvyn Aaron Woodworth; 28, golden curls, sea-green eyes, tall, disposition similar to Stephan Deverill’s. Irvy and his Uncle Lloyd are in family practice together. Has been engaged to Joleigh since he was twenty and she was seventeen. Generally known as Irvy to his friends. Was Matt Kelmann’s best buddy and was the only one who knows how to cool that one’s most impetuous moments.

Valorah Carolyn Wray Woodworth, 57—Irvy’s mom, Lloyd’s sister, and a friend of Izette and Irina Deverill. Also acquainted with Dee-Ann Van Kirk. Can be pretty snooty. She’s only about 4′ 10″, but not many mess with her. Except Lloyd upon occasion.

Dr. Lloyd Alexander Wray, 68—Gruff old family doctor; still makes house calls. He knows the Tollefsons well—although he still can’t tell one triplet from the others. Has deep affection for Irvy and Joleigh. Married Tessa Lynne Xavier, 62.

Dr. Xavier Lloyd Wray, pediatrician, 40—Lloyd and Tessa’s only son. Married Dr. Rebekka Ruthe Leighton, 40; Ob-Gyn—

Bekka helped Anetra through the difficult birth of the youngest twins, and was Stormi’s advocate during her short but rocky marriage to Dean.

Dr. Dante Desmond DiSilva, DVM, 28—Lannette’s fiance, Medium height and build, dark chocolate brown hair, inclined to curl on humid days, otherwise it’s wavy, hazel eyes. Was a friend and schoolmate of Matt’s, but chose animals over cars. Has had feelings for Lannette for years before she developed any for him. Works now with Stephan.