The Tollefsons & The Royce-Wyndhams

Hey, hi there! I’m Rikkayla Anetra Lynnore Tollefson—Rikki or Kayla to you! Don’t ever call me Dickie! My dad named us girls. My mom named the boys. I was born seven minutes after Thomi and three minutes before Halleigh. There’re 13 of us kids altogether, so we’re a big family. Guess there’ll always be someone home to help shovel the poop out of the stalls! Anyway, I suppose we are sort of Tom, Dick and Harry, but you’ll live longer if you don’t say it. We like many of the same things, and sometimes we say the same things, but we’ve differences too–if you bother to look for ’em. Most of the guys we date don’t. They can’t handle our identical looks or our strong bond for each other. So stinking much fun to make a guy we’ve decided we don’t want hanging around anymore flee from Rhode Island screaming in anguish– the charming look of defeat in his face . . .! Love it!!!

Well, enough of that. I formed my own band a while back, and while I love singing, I don’t want it ruling my life. I miss Thomi when she’s gone. She’s gone more than Halleigh and I like her to be. Halleigh’s an artist. She can paint pictures that look so real they talk to you! Well– we all three can perform, and sing and paint, but each of us has developed a respective love in each field. Thomi’s left handed, and I’m right, but Halleigh’s ambidextrous, which comes in handy when we absolutely need someone to cover for us! We can’t always get away with faking identities if someone’s on to our most obvious difference! But we’ll do anything for each other–and for Lyndsay. I know it’s strange, but we let her into our world way back when she was a newborn babe. An unspoken, unanimous vote that she’d be one of us, and though she’s taller than we are, she’s still the fourth of our set.

Actually, Kourtnay Deverill is a bit like Lyndsay. A little quiet, but a lot of fun once they feel safe with you.

Guess I’m like that too. Thomi’s learned to be really outgoing since she became an actress. It’s different from when we were in the circus. We were still young when Dad decided to quit. Some people made fun of us. Like being circus people was as low as you could sink to earn a living . . . Thomi doesn’t care what anyone thinks. And she’s really gaining a lot of popularity lately. Gotten an award or two, too. Which really must make Delaney Gaylord scream with envy! She starred in the first picture Thomi got a part in, and Thomi stole that show. Delaney once was married to Stephan’s father. Guess her ambitions nearly destroyed him, so he hates actresses with a passion. He’s a jerk too, so it evens out!
So . . . tell me about you. Like horses too?


Hey, hi! I’m Haraldayna Anetra Lynnette Tollefson—Halleigh, thank you very much! Or Dayna. I’m a little busy right now, so I’ll have to get together with you later, okay? (Although, I gotta tell you, it should be me with Stephan!) Gotta apologize for everyone else, too. Guess this just isn’t a great time for chat for anyone right now. Give us a little time, and try again, okay! Terrific! See you then!! Ah, if you check out our names, you’ll notice my dad, and most of my brothers and a sister have Native American &/or Norse middle names, while Thomi, Rikki and I have elements of my mother’s. Don’t worry—lots of people have trouble with ’em! We’re used to people slaughtering them! Used to people’s snide remarks about the size of our family too. Nobody’s business but ours!


Anetra Joelene Ellice Royce-Wyndham Tollefson–Mom, 48, 5’2″, auburn hair, blue green eyes, writer–novels, plays, screenplays; breeds and trains Welsh ponies, Paso Finos, Morgans and will get into Friesians soon, gives riding lessons. Married Nick at 14. She’s of an understanding nature, patient for the most part, but does have a hot temper when she finally loses it. Can see someone’s side without actually taking it. Loves her kids and her husband, but still has a soft spot for her first sweetheart, Keath Lindell.


Nicholas Napayshni Bjornolf Tollefson—Nick, Nickey, Dad, 54, 6’4″, ebony hair, emerald eyes, Nck, Nickey, Dad, 54, 6’4″, ebony hair, emerald eyes, operator with his wife of the family run stable, DreamWind Equestrian Center. Met Anetra while he was working as a performer in a small but successful circus. Trains horses, and breeds Quarter Horses. Although a fair-minded man, and generally slow to anger, he’s not someone to cross. Has an uncanny knack of finding things out that no one wanted him to know, then or ever.


Lyndsay Joelene Ellice Tollefson–Identical in appearance to her older sisters. 22, but at 5’6″ is taller. Is her mom’s right hand, and the accepted “fourth” in her sisters’ exclusive set. Takes over her mother’s riding lessons when necessary, and tails rides if no one else can-or will. Has her mother’s understanding patient way and her father’s slower temper. Always willing to do whatever is asked of her or is needed to be done at the time. Sometimes learns too much from other people’s mistakes . . .


Geoffrey Takoda Royce-Wyndham Tollefson–The eldest “kid”, 33, looks like a younger version of his dad. Has the same disposition. Breeds Percherons, heads the trail rides. Does the farrier work for the place with Brett’s help. Had a high school sweetheart but the relationship turned complicated when she left to go live with her grandparents after their brief affair resulted in pregnancy. Helene’s parents ordered an abortion, and as far as he knew she’d had one. She wandered back into his life a few years later, and finding that he’d never really gotten over her, takes him for what she can get. Promises him her world and then pulls the rug out from under him. His family would like to see him dump her for good—and make Stormi the focus of his attentions. Might take a brick to the side of the head for that.


Nicholas Quenton Napayshni Tollefson–32, Nicky’s ten months younger than Geoffrey, and yes, resembles him closely. His disposition is far more volatile than Geoffrey’s, however. Does all the mechanical work around the place. His one and only love is Kourtnay Deverill, and he’d bulldoze mountains for her. Which doesn’t mean he neglects his family. He’s very family oriented and proud of the fact he comes from a large one.


Tristen Andrew Matoska Tollefson–26, fair hair, blue eyes, 6′–slimmer than his father and older brothers, loves to write, dabble in photography, and create gorgeous pieces of furniture in his and Adrien’s woodshop. Tails the trail rides when he’s available. Used to fear horses.


Adrien Joel Ohanzee Tollefson–Tristen’s twin; identical in features and build, but his eyes are blue-green, and his hair is dark. Ohanzee means shadow–because of his coloring, and the fact he followed Tristen so closely at birth he was given the name. Tails the rides when needed, His interests are similar to Tristen’s, but he’d rather read than write. Both boys have a fascination for intrigue, but it’s Adrien who most often indulges this passion when Thomi (or any of the others) needs information on a particular person, place or thing. Happy to be their PI.


Brett-Nathanael Bjornolf Tollefson–20, 6’2″. fair haired, blue eyes, built more like the first two. Generally mild tempered, but if provoked too far—you better be in the next county! Plants and takes care of the huge garden that feeds his family. Takes care of the lawn, and landscaping of the place. Supposedly with Timothy’s help–(LOL!) Fixes fence, and does the majority of the haying with Nicky. Helps Geoffrey with the shoeing of the horses. Also takes care of the chickens and the four cows that provide them with eggs and milk.


Timothy Jon-Austin Tollefson–18, 6′, auburn hair, blue-green eyes, slim build like the twins. hates the stable, rides only when he must, and refuses to help out unless threatened with death. Gets along with almost no one. His mother’s his best ally and then Stacia, but that doesn’t mean they’re blind to his faults. While he bullies the triplets, they pretty much ignore him. Thomi will give him almost anything he asks for because she doesn’t want to be seen as callous toward family members while giving to others. He doesn’t appreciate it but will take all offerings as if it’s his due. Hasn’t a clue yet of what he wants to be when he grows up. Is handy with a camera, likes to fish and get under a hood with Nicky occasionally.


Jacqlynn Jean-Marie Tollefson–7, 4′ (barely), auburn hair, blue-green eyes, Quick to speak her mind, talks incessently, and generally can’t be trusted with a secret; loves everyone, especially Thomi. Helps Lyndsay in the house, and entertains her littlest brother and sister. Already shows a tendency to be as generous as Thomi.


Daine-Anthony Aketchetah Tollefson–youngest brother; 4 year old 2’8″, ebony hair, blue-green eyes. Cuddly little mischievous guy. Also helps out by feeding the miscellaneous animals of the place. Adores his older brothers and sisters, although not necessarily Timothy . . . Has a bit of a crush on Stormi. and is protective of all of his sisters and Kailey.


Stacia-Lyn Wenonah Tollefson–identical to her brother who’s ten minutes older, just an inch shorter though. Same disposition he has, mischievous, but loving and kind– every dead caterpiller must be buried with honor . . . Loves to sing with Rikki when she’s allowed. Likes to cook with Thomi and Lyndsay. Can, when she wants to, get Timothy to do things he wouldn’t for anyone else–except maybe Storm . . .

The Royce-Wyndhams

Courtland Quenton  Royce-Wyndham, Anetra’sfather; 78, white hair used to be blonde, blue eyes;

Agnessa Quenby Sheffield Royce-Wyndham, 72, white hair used to be red. blue-green eyes;

Anthony Jonathan Royce-Wyndham, 55, chocolate brown hair, blue-green eyes,

Austin Timothy Royce-Wyndham 52, reddish hair, blue eyes, personality like Nicky’s and Adrien’s.

Allene Marie Ellice Royce-Wyndham Callan – Allene, Len, 46, taller than Anetra, hair is more chocolate than auburn, blue-green eyes. Easy going’ wanted as many kids as Anetra had, but her husband already had a few with another woman who he never married.

Cal’s kids with girlfriend–Harvey Daniel, Harley David, Brady Allen, Brody Andrew,

Allene’s kids with Cal–Quenton Thomas, Jeordi Gerard, Zalmon Keath; Z. K.,  Zeke

Adrienne Jeanne Marie Royce-Wyndham – 34, youngest of Anetra’s siblings; coloring more like Allene’s; never got to know Anetra, or really, any of her older siblings until she was much older.