Poetry Reviews – DreamWind Whispers

This poem has generated the most reviews of anything I’ve ever written. Again, in the AuthorsDen reviews, you’ll see me referred to as Anita . . . my real name, Neenah being a nickname, and my preferred identity for my romance endeavors.

AuthorsDen Reviews:

➡ I love the brevity, the richness conveyed by the quick cadence of your poem…it seemed to convey a passionate love and deep abiding friendship very well. Hope you write A LOT of poetry, because I think . . .–Z. McClure

***Reviews have to fall within a specified character range, so what he/she thinks was chopped off, sadly. Obviously, she thinks I’m a poet!

➡ I like this poem because it expresses the love between two people so well, especially an old goat like me and my lovely wife Jennie—this December will be our 47th year together. –Regis S.

***This was in 2013, so this year 2016 marks 50 years for them. I’ll have to send them an anniversary message!

➡ Lovely thoughts, Anita . . . Thank you for sharing them via your verses. Love and best wishes,–Regis Auffray

➡ I love the imagery and excellent words put in here. excellent. And I love the theme of love everlasting. –Liz

➡ Whoa…DreamWind Whispers. My I loved the way that made me feel as I was reading it. Now that’s poetry! –SistahJ

➡ nice, gentle love –Jerry E.

➡ Beautiful! –Jean Pike

➡ Hi Friend, Just read “DreamWind Whispers”. Loved this poem . It has SO
much warmth in it one can sense those clouds above that you speak about. Keep up the beautiful poetry too. –Ken C.

➡ Simply beautiful. The poem has a soft melodic quality…–M. P.

➡ Nicely done.
I like the way it tumbles down the page.–Elizabeth Taylor

***Review was given back in 2006. Her page is no longer active, but I’m thinking it’s a case of the name’s the same . . .


➡ Very gentle, relaxing poem…–C. McVay

➡ This is a beauty. So sweet! Often rhyme bores me, this is not the case. Well done. –Lori M.

 ➡ Very lovely poem. : ) –D. May

➡ This was very lovely, the title drew me in, and this beautifully written poem, will stay with me quite a while –Retta

➡ enjoyed the read –MJH

➡ Beautiful poem…. Wind is a wonderful muse… –Lady Peg

➡ Lovely motif … –Jude

Writing.com Reviews

➡ Very good. This is an emotionaly strong poem. The punctuations a little odd though. You have a comma at the end of line two stanza four but not on any of the end lines of the other stanzas, though they would work there too. Anyway, it was beautiful. –L. Wolter

➡ Great poem! I thought this poem was very well written and it flowed like water down a dam. Smile Great job getting the words to fit just so where there was not a bobble or slip in the read. That is hard to do, so good job. I don’t know about the colors but I guess it brightened up the poem a little. Welcome to the site and I hope it helps you as much as it has me. Again, good job! Smile –Deelyte

***I had done the poem in pastels, each verse a different color. . . Next reviewer like the idea . . .

➡ I am merely a reader.
I will not dissect your work.
I will tell if emotions surfaced.
I am not educated enough to do what the other reviewers do.
Hopefully you will find my review helpful in that a person read your work and expressed an opinion.

This is really pretty. Just think about a rainbow and two people looking across the valley.
A soft wind gently deepening their love.
Then the clouds carrying their dreams on the wind. Safely they rest there and whisper from time to time how much their love brightens the world.
Is there magic as they vow eternal love?
I like this part:

For all time there’s you and me
Forever . . .
As it should be

Thank you for sharing.
The color of the font works well. Like a rainbow.


***This reviewer claims not to be educated enough to do what the other reviewers can do. I think this is my favorite review from Writing.com.

 ➡ A very sweet, romantic poem –Starr