I’ve been asked . . . If you could start over again . . .

. . . what would you do differently with making your stories into ebooks?”

Let me start by saying, I was aware of ebooks around the late 90s, I think. Definitely by the early 20s. I was encouraged by an Irish author/self publisher to get my romances into PDF and HTML. Do it now! The time has come!

But, nope, I dragged my feet. I didn’t believe it. Ebooks? You mean, like reading books off a Star Trek tablet? Are you kidding me? And writing them that way? I need my paper and pens! No, no, no, no, no!

Okay, actually, by that time, I had a desktop PC, and I never looked back for my paper and pens. Nor most importantly, that darn typewriter! I loved my paper and pens. I hated typewriters. Hated them! My new PC made all the difference in getting those romances written. And I could print out a copy of my manuscript in a jiffy!

So, instead of jumping into learning how to get started with ebooks, I spent another year and more sending my stuff around to agents and publishers. All to no avail. I could have papered my walls with my rejections. In fact, I did.

Finally, when I received, not one but two, rejections for Thomi from the same agent, I decided it was, indeed, time to start learning more about this ebook business. I got a used copy of  Adobe Acrobat 5 and figured out how to get a decent PDF created. I also sprang for an ebook creator for making HTML ebooks. Was fairly easy, and I liked that I got to create the total look of the book.

I even applied for and got my publisher’s contract with Amazon in order to sell PDFs. But before I could wrap my head around that service, they rolled out the Kindle and Kindle Publishing Direct. PDFs were abandoned while I learned next how to create a decent .mobi file.

It wasn’t until 2010 that I finally published my two romances to the Kindle. Had I listened to those in the know years before, I would have had all those learning years  behind me so much sooner. Although, times change . . . new technology flies into our world every day. I’ve taken advantage of some of it, ignored some, and am still scared of a lot of it. I’m more open to learning, though, than I was at the start.

My advice now?

Take a risk! Try something new! It just might work for you!

Please take a reading risk, and purchase one of my romance ebooks today!


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