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Maura Frankman ~ The Romance Studio Review

(Reviews given under the original title, The Resurrection of Joleigh-Anna Kelmann)

This story is told in breezy conversational style. I loved Joleigh and her determination to go on after fate and her fiancé blow her world apart. . . . little brother Jarrett is wonderful comic relief in this warm story about family, tragedy, and how we recover.

Melody Laramie ~ Amazon Reader Review

The Resurrection of Joleigh-Anna Kelmann is an amusing take on a serious subject. Actually, on more than one subject. How families get along . . . or not . . . how they perceive each other and each other’s faults. And how they react to the death of loved ones. Sometimes not the way one would think.

Joleigh’s world crashes around her when her fiancé, Dr. Irvyn Woodworth, leaves her on the day her favorite cousin Matt, is buried. Matt and Irvy were best friends since before kindergarten. And it’s the opinion of some of Joleigh’s family, that it was the only reason Irvy even looked at Joleigh twice. Sort of dumb, since Joleigh was a baby when she started liking Irvy, and his name, “Irby” was her first word. Some think that Joleigh is the wrong girl for him anyway, and he could do better.

His mother certainly thinks so.

Joleigh’s family seems to be like many families today. Too caught up in their own lives to find time to do more than meddle in other’s affairs. To spend really meaningful time with one another . . . not so much. So how Joleigh goes about dealing with these issues is hilarious. Her little brother, Jarrett, adores both his big sister and Irvy, and doesn’t understand why they aren’t seeing each other. He’s adorable comic relief! I loved her parents and her Cousin Matt’s family. They are supportive of their kids, and that was a wonderful contrast to the rest of their relatives, particularly The Club who are stuck on themselves and don’t seem to have a good word for anyone else. Oh, Irvy’s doctor uncle is great too!

Written in first person, Ms Davis-Wilson has an easy, breezy way of telling this story. Plus, she brings in characters from her first novel, All for the Love of Thomi. (See my review of Thomi on her page). I loved that story, and it was like seeing old friends again when they showed up in Joleigh’s story.

I recommend this book to anyone and everyone who loves a good amusing tale of family, friends, forgiveness, and fun.

Kim A ~ Authors Den Review

This is an odd, light-hearted, romantic novel that includes excellent character descriptions that quickly has you deciding which sides you are on or not. The plot of ‘The Resurrection of Joleigh Anna Kelmann’ centers around a rather somewhat bizarre, and some might say, cruel story line that on the surface is hard to get behind and find believable. Most people would not go to the extreme that Neenah Davis-Wilson wants us to see as acceptable, even though the logic and reason that Joleigh Anna has does have some merit, but still a far-fetched story.

The pretentious four year old brother of Joleigh Anna, Jarrett steals the book with his comments and long lists of his personal likes and dislikes! Quite a character.

All in all, the book is very well written and setting aside the main plot, is enjoyable and all does end well in the end!