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As she clings to a scrawny bush at the side of the cliff behind her house, Thomi has a few seconds to rethink her life. Oh, a few regrets she has – notably her recent involvement with actor Charles W. Ascott IV . . . who has cruelly betrayed her.

When a voice above her commands her to look up and grab his hand, she does and is hauled up to stand before Charley’s handsome cousin Stephan Deverill, DVM. He seems to know of Charley’s betrayal, although she’s never met Stephan before this.

But Stephan has also suffered betrayals from Charley. Several engagements of his has Charley ruined, stealing away each of the women his father had handpicked for him. Stephan is, oh, so ready to put Plan B into action.

Plan B, therefore, must begin with coaxing Thomi into becoming his wife. After all, she shouldn’t ever want to see Charley again in her lifetime. So, no danger of her being spirited away by him, right?

No, no danger of that! And yes, yes, Stephan saved her from certain death out on those cliffs. Should she agree just on account of that? Is that really a reason to consider any proposal of his?

What is the real reason Stephan needs his practically perfect plan B to succeed . . .?

Wednesday evening, they’re a fun loving bunch—Joleigh-Anna and her fiance, Irvyn Woodworth, MD, her cousin Matt and his girl, Krysta, Matty’s sister, Lannette, and Joleigh’s twin brother, Jace-Anthony.

Wednesday night, Matt is dead.

And now Irvy’s love for Joleigh-Anna seems to have died with him. His grief for his best friend has overwhelmed him to the point he doesn’t know what he wants right now. So he breaks off their engagement. Puts off their wedding.

Which was only days away!

Joleigh is devastated. And to add to it, Irvy starts to date women of his mother’s choosing. Joleigh-Anna has never been Mrs. Woodworth’s dream for her precious son. Not quite socially acceptable.

Joleigh turns herself inside out trying to win him back. Nothing seems to work.

But, then, one fateful day . . . Joleigh-Anna finds a way . . .

The Thomsons, Anna Lynn and Shaine together with their five children are in West Virginia due to the death of Shaine’s cousin Eustace.

Shaine’s been saddled with the duties of executor of Eustace’s worldly goods which includes the house they’re presently staying in while Shaine struggles with the legalese.

Lately, Shaine’s been acting indifferent toward Anna Lynn, barely spending time with her and the kids. Seems as if the duties as executor has given him another reason to go off on his own. When he is home, his friends and brothers surround him, making Anna Lynn feel excluded.

What’s going on? Has his love gone cold? Is he thinking of leaving? Shaine is stubbornly silent on what’s going on in his head.

And what is, is nothing like what Anna Lynn was expecting . . .

Crazy Eight is a mean, roman nosed, buckskin bronc only one man has ever ridden the full eight seconds of a saddle bronc ride.

Levi Hale, Eli’s dad.

Eli’s twice before drawn Crazy Eight as his ride, and twice been dashed to the ground within a second or less. And the last time laid him up for months.

Eli’s healed now, and eager to get back on the circuit. And he’s drawn Crazy Eight for the third time. Will he finally listen to his father’s advice? Or will he ride his own way as he always has—and meet disaster again?

Could this be the last time he ever rides . . .?

If you’re a brave fire eater, a.k.a a Wailer, you’ll find something in HOT PEPPER MADNESS that’ll tease, sizzle and excite your taste buds – breakfast, lunch, main meals and veggie dishes, and some heated up snacks and desserts too.

If you’re rather more of a Heat Wimp—just a whisper of warmth—or a Whiner—more than a whisper but less than OMG, toss me a gallon of milk and the fire extinguisher, heat levels are adjustable to a flicker.

Hey, who knows, though? Someday, you, too, might graduate from Wimp to Wail, loving the heat of the moment!